Work and Asset Management Third Party Regulatory Witness Report


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A large Canadian utility retained METSCO to review their Work and Asset Management(WAM) application and produce an independent third-party witness report commenting on the prudency and reasonableness of the funding application.

METSCO’s review was focused on the selection of the new systems and the benefits the utility was indicating it was going to deliver. This involved obtaining documentation that was used to identify and procure the new proposed Work and Asset Management System, interview key personnel and perform an industry scan to compare with typical industry practice.

METSCO produced a comprehensive and systematic report that detailed our findings. We found that the utility had taken a reasonable and prudent approach to assessing why its WAM systems need replacing, the proposed solution required, and the methodology and governance for delivering this project. Our opinion was that the successful completion of this project would allow the utility to continue to sustain customer service, reliable power, and cost-efficiency.

Further, we supported the utility during the interrogatory stage, responding to questions from intervenors and the regulator, resulting in a successful approval of the application from the regulator.

The Team

Alex Ferguson

M. Eng.

Jeff Mills


Daryn Thompson

P.Eng., B.A.Sc.


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