Large East Coast Generation, Transmission & Distribution Utility – Hydro Asset Management Spending Plan


Policy & Planning

November 11, 2021


5 Min read

A large East Coast generation, transmission & distribution utility needed to bring its existing Hydro-Generation Capital Investment Plan in alignment with modern Asset Management (AM) practices and standards.

METSCO performed an in-depth end-to-end review of the utilities’ asset management business processes, documentation, models and outputs, including their developed capital investment plan as well as underlying input data and analytics, including unit costs, asset criticality and condition assessment results. From this review, METSCO provided the utility with a comprehensive report and roadmap that highlighted key improvement opportunities.

The results from this initiative provided the utility with key improvements that would result in enhanced, data-driven and objective decision-making, reduction in system risks and operating costs and enhanced efficiencies realized across the organization.

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