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December 6, 2022


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In support of a client’s journey to ISO55000 accreditation, METSCO was retained to produce 19 asset class-specific Asset Management Plans (AMP). These AMPs are also intended to be used when the client develops its investment plans for its next rate application.

As part of the ISO55000journey and industry best practice, utilities should develop asset management plans. The development of Asset Management Plans should aim to have defined guidance for asset related actions, connection of high level strategies with complex granular initiatives, translation of entire asset value chain into plain and representative language, both internal and external stakeholder applicability, and support investment decisions to comply with the relevant industry or regulatory standards.

Through review of existing documentation, data and interviews with subject matter experts within the client organization, METSCO produced 19 asset management plans covering both distribution and station electrical and civil assets.

Projects Stats

19 Asset Class Specific Asset Management Plans Developed.

The Team

Alex Ferguson

M. Eng.

Syeda Fatima

M. Eng., B. Eng.


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