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Sustainability & Energy Development

Constantly shifting tehcnologies and regulatory requirements. Altered rules and new processes. Competition. Risk. Mulitudinal opportunities and possibilities. Shifting priorities. Constrained capital. We understand your challenges. Our Sustainability and Energy Development team has the expertise, experience and drive to help you originate, plan, pursue, construct, commission, integrate, and operate your next project, anywhere in the world. Consistently and tenaciously moving forward as a holistic team, our project leaders, professionals, regulatory advisors, engineers, and data scientists fully consider your opportunities and constraints to help you reach your future picture. We go beyond green, to develop truly sustainable solutions.


Successfully managed 300 projects.

10.4 GW+

Over 10.4 GW of load & generation supported.

$6+ B

Over $6 Billion in energy & infrastructure investment supported.

Ideation, Origination & Planning

From strategic flameworking and alignment, to policy development and governance, feasibility studies, roadmaps and competitive analysis, our team has the expertise to refine your vision and prepare you to take the next steps towards a more sustainable future.

Execution, Policy & Regulatory

Once a project is soundly originated, it is critical to have a trusted advisor alongside every step of the way to successfully execute it. Our team has the practical project execution, policy, and regulatory advising expertise from hundreds of projects across multiple sectors.    What happens between construction and operations? Energization. The critical link where all the planning, design, procurement and construction must meet the testing, commissioning, and acceptance of not just your team, but the grid, government, and reliability agencies, as well. Without the right team, you can be left struggling to move successfully to your operational future. We can help you preapare and execute on these critical activities.

Operations & Sustainability

Closing the loop from project to operations is paramount to ensuring you have the greatest opportunity to capture all the benefits from your project. Our team has in depth experience in operationalizing your latest visionary project as well as resolving the unforseen challenges that can arise. Our team works across all METSCO business lines to align your operations with state-of-the-art asset management frameworks, tools, and teams, helping you prepare for and embrace your operational future picture, while setting the stage for your next strategic cycle.  

Throughout our services, sustainability is the standard. We believe every business and project must consider and closely balance the five capitals (nature, human, social, manufactured and financial) to have a chance at being the most successful and executing the most sustainable solutions. We offer specialized services in the sustainability space, including advising, planning, audits, and reporting, as well as support in the pinnacle sustainable infrastructure framework, ENVISION(R).

The Team

Meet the team of industry veterans and passionate young minds that make METSCO’s out-of-the-box thinking possible.

Charlie Hogarth

Senior Associate


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Katherine MacDonald

Junior Associate, Risk Management


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Steve Palmer

Vice President, Sustainability & Energy Development


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