METSCO, a member of BBA, was founded in 2006 with a goal of advancing energy asset management as an independent and multidimensional discipline to reshape long-term sustainability.

We are power sector engineers and management consultants joined in our belief that utility, C&I and ESCO companies can be both technologically robust and affordable for their customers – today and into the future. We approach every project with a unique blend of engineering, economics and management science tools appropriate in each context, delivering new age insights grounded in old school expertise. We work in lockstep with our clients to build value together in a holistic manner, from both an organizational view, all the way to everyday operations.
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Our vision is to be a leading energy consultancy specializing in blending technical and digital expertise for customized energy transition solutions

Our Values

Relationships are paramount

From our continuous investment in our people to our commitments to our clients, lasting relationships are the bedrock of who we are.

Boldly innovative

We’re ready for an evolving energy future because tomorrow’s innovation requires bold commitment and courageous application of deep insight.

Integrity above all else

Being trustworthy means more than being consistent in our work. At METSCO, our integrity means that we reliably stand by our people, our services and our word.

Truth is quantifiable

Objectivity permeates everything we do. We’re content to let quantitative data play a leading role in determining the path our projects take.

Over the past 15 years, METSCO has been working with power companies across the world to harness the value of their assets and operations.

Our team enhances strategic and on-the-ground decision-making through expert engineering, asset management, auditing, field testing and corporate consultancy. We help companies keep equipment and operations safely working, and find ways to improve them for the future. With a team that weaves old school expertise with new age insight, METSCO is the partner that companies choose to mitigate risks, avoid breakdowns and keep customers satisfied.


METSCO was originally founded back in 2006, as an organization specializing in the Mentoring of power engineers and providing Engineering and Technical Services to COmpanies across the world.

Using data collected in-field, we look at the big picture, while covering the granular detail internal teams don’t have time to. From developing strategic, long-term solutions, to delving into years of historical data - we can wear both hats and change them when needed.

In 2018, METSCO expanded its operations with new offices in Calgary, Alberta to better support our growing number of clients across North America. In 2021, METSCO expanded its operations in Toronto, Ontario with the addition of a high-voltage testing laboratory to actively support utilities in the ongoing testing and management of critical asset infrastructure.

Our team combines decades of experience in the utilities sector, serving power generators, municipalities, commercial and industrial organizations, and energy service providers. And they are equally as comfortable in station switchyards as they are in corporate boardrooms.

We are guided by six principles entrenched in our collective DNA.


Integrative Thinking

The core of our DNA is our deep expertise in both engineering and economic analysis. Our work reflects the seamless integration of these two disciplines to offer our customers invaluable, multidisciplinary insights.


Hard Facts First

We put quantitative evidence first, always taking into account relevant strategic and policy considerations, to maximize our clients’ confidence in our recommended solutions.


Safety at All Costs

We spare no expense to make sure our associates engaged in fieldwork are trained and equipped with all necessary tools to stay safe on and around the job site.


Complete Intellectual Honesty

Whether developing a project plan or discussing field test results, we encourage our team and customers to have open and honest conversations, providing constructive feedback at all times.


Comfort Being Uncomfortable

We never assume to have the right answer, and encourage our team to avoid making foregone conclusions and explore all available options, including those that might not be the most obvious.


Making a Lasting Impact

We challenge ourselves to deliver value that exceeds the immediate objectives set by our clients. In our minds, questions asked from a new perspective position our clients for long-term success.



We are always looking for exceptional individuals with a mix of skills, discipline, and curiosity that makes our clients trust us with their most complex and intellectually rewarding assignments.

We offer a competitive compensation structure, leadership opportunities and diversity of assignments for those who share our passion for helping clients become more dynamic, efficient and valuable to their customers and shareholders.

Experienced Hires

Our strength is in the diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences of our team members.

We are always looking for talent for our Toronto and Calgary locations.

If you are an experienced electrical and civil engineer, data analytics specialist, energy sector regulation expert, or management consultant, get in touch!

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Students and Recent Graduates

Entry-level positions in the engineering and consulting industries are known for their monotony, repetitiveness and lack of exposure to intellectually stimulating assignments.

While we do challenge our student interns and recent graduates entering the Associate Stream, we make sure that the daily “grind” is supplemented by a variety of challenging assignments both in the field and in the office

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