Business Case Benefits Realization Assurance Audit


Policy & Planning

December 6, 2022


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A Transmission utility requested METSCO to provide audit subject matter expert support and conduct an industry scan to suggest appropriate frameworks and industry best practices for benefits management and realization.

METSCO and the client collectively interviewed internal client team members in the transmission and stations and IT project teams to identify current controls and processes in place to define, integrate, and realize benefits that arise from the completion of capital projects and programs in the capital expenditure plan. Specific projects were sampled for completeness of documentation, reference to project or program benefits in project documentation, alignment of benefits to organizational strategic principles, and trackability or measurement of benefits through project execution.

Theobservations from project sampling and interviews determined that the client’s capitalproject teams need to establish a business benefits management framework withclear roles, accountabilities, and processes to ensure visibility into thebusiness benefits lifecycle. In addition, the report recommended that theclient establish project selection criteria and define measurable performancemetrics to enable the assessment of benefits programs.

METSCOresearched current frameworks and recommended implementation of the ProjectManagement Institute Business Benefits Management process. METSCO conductedindustry scans to identify organizations that have implemented businessbenefits programs or impacts.

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