Risk is inevitable for every organization. In industries where consumers rely heavily on operations efficiency and its assets, risk must be managed and factored into every decision, from the field to the boardroom.

Evolving conventional risks and the introduction of disruptor risks are causing traditional frameworks and operations to be reconfigured. Corporate commitments are structured to combat and manage these risks to keep business operations on track. Bridging the gap from corporate commitments to operational impacts requires expertise that combines asset-level, system insight with enterprise risk, strategy, and asset planning experience.

Our focus? Providing insight on operationalized risk evaluation and management services for highly evolving risk segments

How can your business operations manage but also thrive from risks?

With a structured approach to identifying and managing risks, we apply lessons learned from the industry to avoid unwanted outcomes, enhance resiliency and optimize operations. Our approaches are flexible, integrative and supportive of an organization's functions to maximize return on assets.

Applying decades of asset management and operations experience, we are in a unique position to support companies in connecting top-down mandates into their operations. We develop asset-based implementation frameworks that quantify, measure and operationalize an organization’s progress on their commitments.

$1 M to $4 M

Implemented risk frameworks on systems quantified with values from $1 - $4 million.


Successfully implemented 60+ change recommendations to business operations.


We’ve helped our clients identify up to 15% O&M savings.

Enterprise Risk Assessments

Industry Benchmarking

We perform comparative analysis for multiple business functions such as asset and risk management practices, enterprise risk management (ERM), environmental, social and governance (ESG) & greenhouse gas (GHG) goals, climate resiliency, reliability, standards, and frameworks.

Digital/Data Transformation

Add value to your data. Corporate data pertaining to your assets is an asset in itself to make the right investments at the right time. Each digital transformation is unique which integrates business processes and people with technology producing a sustainable transformation that helps to address social, environmental and governance challenges.

Services include:

  • Asset information management & strategy
  • Digitalization strategy
  • Data knowledge management strategy
  • Asset information standards
  • Data & information governance & quality controls
  • Management of change
  • Asset framework implementation strategy
Maturity Assessments

We help identify improvement opportunities within a client’s asset management functional teams and processes, its data management and processes, and its associated capital and risk planning. To support the identification of improvements, we provide a tailored roadmap that’s cognizant of a client’s resources, time, and objectives to provide that value.

Additional services:

  • Pre & post merger & acquisition support
  • Quantitative & qualitive risk analysis
  • Business case development
  • Training

Risk & Resilience Planning

Contingency/Resilience Analysis

Covering all types of assets and resources, from physical, IT/OT, and people. Examples include supplementing engineering analysis with asset risk analysis leveraging ARBF; investigating supply chain analytics or conducting a critical spare analysis or support in a knowledge management plan for employee turnovers.

Strategy Asset Management Planning
Planning for your Asset Management (AM) practice defining and/or implementing the organization’s vision of performance outcomes, and the types of trade-offs that it is willing to accept to optimize the lifecycle management practices of its asset base.

Policy Planning
Providing organizations with the tools for greater consistency when navigating both established and developing risk areas like asset management decisions, risk planning, and ESG planning. Our risk policy planning approach is holistic, influenced by each organization’s corporate strategy, culture, and priorities.

Economic, Financial & Risk Analysis

We help our clients monetize opportunities and risks, better informing their business cases while optimizing decision-making outcomes. Services include due diligence, load growth/shift scenario development and impact analysis ranging from asset to system level; regulatory and third-party risk analysis; and ESG risk analysis.

Additional services:

  • Contract & supplier management
  • Quantitative & qualitative risk analysis
  • Climate adaption & disaster recovery
  • Business threat & vulnerability analysis
  • Smart grid strategy

Operationalize Risk Management

ESG Risk Implementation

We’ve developed a bottom-up approach based on our technical and operational understanding of utility operations, systems, and assets to create an ESG Roadmap Framework that focuses on asset-impacting ESG commitments. Our framework helps provide clarity into your actions and structure your realized and new-new benefits.

Business Transformation

To support the application of our Risk and ESG-related services we provide conceptual, planning and implementation support for business transformation to better allow for successful roll-out and implementations of risk mitigation techniques and corporate commitments through to an asset-impact level.

Framework Implementations

We support our clients with risk framework implementations that assist their AM practice. Examples include asset risk-based frameworks, investment optimization frameworks, ESG frameworks and ERM frameworks.

Additional services:

  • Strategic alignment & implementation
  • Business strategy implementation
  • Strategic communications (stakeholders, regulators, shareholders)
  • Change management & training

Emerging Risk Monitoring & Response

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Develop an ERM framework, process development to monitor and assess emerging risks, incorporation of risks into your decision-making, creating risk profiles, and to perform benchmarking with existing frameworks to ensure industry practice for major transformative initiatives such as smart grid development, decarbonization, ESG, and climate adaptation.

Auditing & Investigations

We can provide insight to help realize value and benefits within organizations’ systems and processes.  We can also help discover and prioritize activities within organizations, providing better alignment with operational and strategic priorities. Asset information audits, audit and assurance plans for risk, internal audit of asset management systems and frameworks, audits for compliance and alignment and O&M contract reviews.

Additional services:

  • Third-party contract reviews (O&M, standards, designs, construction)
  • Strategy & governance modelling
  • Business strategy alignment

Corporate Risk

From demanding ESG requirements and difficult M&A processes, to managing the complexities of audits and investigations, our team of seasoned experts are on hand to guide you through the most challenging of business processes.


As the lens tightens on sustainable practices, METSCO can help your company put its best foot forward in implementing proper Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) procedures and communicating this progress to key stakeholders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We understand the growing pains that come with mergers and acquisitions, and can help manage the challenge of integrating your existing operations and processes with those of another business. From evaluating your counterpart’s assets and business procedures, as well as the potential constraints that accompany them, we’re your partner in streamlining the more technical side of M&A processes.

Auditing & Investigations

If your company is subject to investigation, we can guide you in presenting the appropriate insight for technical hearings and providing interrogatory and expert witness support.

Climate Adaptation & Disaster Recovery

No organization is immune to the challenges of climate change, and companies must develop robust, data-driven, and cost-effective climate adaptation plans that identify the key risks within their system or operations. From recommendations around storm hardening, to disaster recovery and contingency plans, we can set you up for success when you’re faced with the hardest of circumstances.

Project Profile

Risk Management Practices for Transmission Lines

As risk methodologies are increasingly applied to managing electrical assets, transmission operators needed their own specialized framework that would allow for the accurate quantification of risk, taking into account the specialized challenges and low probability/high impact events that are uniquely applicable to overhead transmission infrastructure. Recognizing that there were no easily accessible guidelines or standards that utilities could access to implement risk management practices, CEATI wanted to develop an easy-to-understand framework that aligned to best industry practices and standards.


Project Profile

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The Team

Meet the team of industry veterans and passionate young minds that make METSCO’s out-of-the-box thinking possible.

Kurtis Martin-Sturmey

Manager, Infrastructure Advisory

P. Eng

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Dawid Lizak

Manager, Infrastructure Advisory

M.Eng., P.Eng.

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Robert Otal

Executive Director

P. Eng., CAMA

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Charlie Hogarth

Senior Associate


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Aziz Rana

Associate, Engineer in Training

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Katherine MacDonald

Junior Associate, Risk Management


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Gregory Watmough

Junior Associate, Risk Management


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Daryn Thompson

Smart Grid/Renewables & Planning Specialist

P.Eng., B.A.Sc.

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Mike Fiorini

Vice President, Asset Infrastructure & Advisory


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Steve Palmer

Vice President, Sustainability & Energy Development


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