Risk-Based Investment Planning for Power Transformers


Asset Management & Performance


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METSCO was hired by Fortis BC to perform a condition and risk assessment of two power transformers. Our objective was to determine the optimal intervention scenario for the assets by comparing the cost-benefit analysis with the utility’s risk tolerance to inform the decision-making process. One challenge that posed an unknown risk was a service advisory issued by the bushing manufacturer regarding potential for premature failure. 

With careful considerations to the asset condition, hazard analysis, and lifecycle cost of the units, the project provided valuable insight into the current and future state of the assets, the risks associated with identified degradation, and the approaches to managing them. METSCO provided solutions to inform the capital expenditure process for mid-life renewal or refurbishment investments, recommendations to optimize the maintenance strategy while accounting for the ongoing service advisory, and a strategy to analyze the results and extract the optimal value from the assets going forward.

The Team

Kurtis Martin-Sturmey

P. Eng

Ali Naderian

Ph.D., P.Eng., SM IEEE


Featured Testimonial

“When it comes to Utility Asset Management Consultancy… It was great how easy it was to deal with METSCO and manage the project and the deliverable. You listened to our needs, explained options, answered project-related questions and moreover, delivered to the expected level of quality, on budget and on time. It was almost like having one of you working right here with us!” – Paul Gheorghe, Senior Engineer at Fortis BC