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METSCO was hired to develop a field-to-boardroom solution for a contemplated acquisition of a privately-owned distribution system. The objectives of the project were to identify key areas of concern within the system and identify assets with value to the client to inform the purchase decision. To achieve these objectives, METSCO developed a visual inspection guide to standardize condition assessments and performed comprehensive tests and visual inspections on all assets.

Due to the lack of asset registry and missing demographics/inspection data, METSCO used its in-house set of inspection forms based on our best-practice Health Index formulation. A data analyst was paired with a field inspector to collect the data in the field, the results of which are checked for consistency back at the office in real time. This approach enables a seamless field-to-boardroom solution, guaranteeing nothing is missed or mistranslated.

METSCO provided the client with a comprehensive database of every asset in scope. This included digital nameplates, Health Index results, inspection results, remaining life assessment, valuation, and photos. This information is not only invaluable for the contemplated acquisition but forms the basis for managing the infrastructure thereafter.

Projects Stats

Stat 1 115 point assets

Stat 2 2.5 km of overhead lines

Stat 3 Station vintage: 1960s

The Team

Kurtis Martin-Sturmey

P. Eng

Daryn Thompson

P.Eng., B.A.Sc.

Ali Ashasi-Sorkhabi

Ph.D., P. Eng.

Kyra Poupore



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