Large Northern Generation, Transmission & Distribution Utility – Asset Management Framework


Asset Management & Performance

November 11, 2021


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A large Northern generation, transmission & distribution utility needed to develop a right-sized asset management (AM) framework which consisted of collecting data, developing processes and frameworks and documenting asset plans to efficiently optimize their capital and O&M asset strategies.

In order to support this utility in their efforts of developing an asset management framework, METSCO performed the following:

  • In-field inspections for assets installed in remote northern communities
  • Review and development of AM policies and plans
  • Development of an asset registry and inspection database
  • Benchmarking of system performance measurements
  • Development of a risk evaluation and condition framework for hydro-generation and station equipment

Leveraging the outputs from the AM framework, METSCO was able to support the utility in the forecasting of capital and O&M investment levels based upon the status quo risk assessment of assets. Furthermore, METSCO collaborated with the client in developing a roadmap that documented the gaps and proposed improvements to support a right-sized asset management framework. 

Through adopting a carefully curated asset management framework, the utility could bridge gaps between diverse asset classes. Therefore, by creating a holistic asset portfolio, the utility was able to enhance their overall asset management operations, resulting in enhanced efficiencies and benefits.

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