Substation Lattice Structure Condition Assessment


Advanced Engineering and Field Services

July 14, 2022


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Due to the aging substation and the end-of-life status of many of the components, our client commissioned a condition assessment of a substation lattice structure and associated electrical equipment. They brought us in to lead the multi-stage study for the condition assessment of the steel structure, foundation, galvanizing of the steel structure, electrical equipment and substation grounding.

We formulated a testing plan that would measure the condition of the structure using a series of visual inspections and non-destructive tests. Visual inspections were based on ground level observations and using drones for elevated components. The aerial drones helped to quickly and safely identify any damaged, cracked, corroded, and missing structural members, fasteners and line equipment. The vertical flight and the drone inspection workflow allowed us to inspect the structure from the safety of the ground and narrow down the locations on the structure that required physical access for further assessment.  We used boom lifts where physical access to the structural member was needed for conducting non-destructive testing. 

We provided a series of recommendations so that the client could move forward with a strategic solution for the substation.

The Team

Ali Ashasi-Sorkhabi

Ph.D., P. Eng.


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