Medium-Sized Northern Ontario Distribution Utility – Remote Substation Rebuild


Advanced Engineering and Field Services

November 11, 2021


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A medium-sized Northern Ontario distribution utility needed to perform a rebuild for one of their critical substations installed in a remote location. The nature of this location introduced a number of challenges for the utility, including the extreme temperatures as well as long lead times for procurement of new equipment.

METSCO provided an integrated approach to address the needs of this initiative, including providing electrical, structural and civil engineering services to establish the substation design, equipment specifications and requirements, construction support, commissioning and post construction support. The extreme operating conditions had a negligible effect on this initiative, as METSCO accounted for these as part of their daily operational planning in order to establish preventative measures and safety guidelines.

The substation rebuild was completed on schedule with all project complexities and challenges managed in an effective manner, while staying on budget, within scope and delivering the final substation rebuild efforts on schedule. The resulting substation enhancements have allowed the utility to manage potential capacity constraints and other system-wide risks

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