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Our Difference

We want to build a great, enduring company for our customers, for our employees and for the impact we have. We do this by offering amazing services that create great employee and customer experiences and make the work better for them.

At METSCO, we measure success in the quality of insights that our services generate – not the number of report pages. In every facet of our work, we seek to deliver value that sets us apart from competition and helps our clients set best practices – not follow them.

Asset Management Analytic Tools

Our dynamic analysis, risk assessment and prioritization tools use enginomics and machine learning to turn loose and disparate inspection forms, outage reports and work orders into compelling and actionable insights, helping you prioritize within and across capital project portfolios to do the right work at the right time to keep your assets running longer and better.

Turnkey Regulatory Submissions

From information collection, to analysis, drafting and final argument support – our utility regulation experts handle end-to-end development, drafting, and interrogatory support of network system plans, investment business cases, condition assessments, and other regulatory submissions. Start to finish.

Field Audits

Our field audits feature an unparalleled range, speed and precision of assessments, to help utilities and industrial clients identify emerging plant issues, liquidate safety risks and ensure third-party compliance with contract terms and safety standards.

Advanced Ground Grid Design

We employ industry-leading experts in the field of design, modelling, commissioning and testing of ground grid infrastructure for station and line facilities. METSCO is home to North America’s foremost experts in this complex, precise and consequential engineering sub-discipline.

Civil & Electrical Under One Roof

METSCO is one of the few power sector consultancies that integrates electrical and civil engineering capabilities within its core services. This synergy positions us optimally to deliver end-to-end planning, design and commissioning services for power infrastructure project of any size and sophistication.

Proactive Research

Between client assignment, all METSCO engineers and consultants conduct proactive research into engineering standards, asset health analytics and artificial intelligence applications in the power sector. We are a trusted research partner for many utilities and industry associations like CEATI, IEEE, CIGRE International, and Utilities Standards Forum.

Brains on Loan

At any given time, as many as 30% of our engineers and consultants are embedded into the teams at electric utilities and manufacturing clients on short- and longer-term assignments to lend their expertise and creativity on a variety of projects. From young students to seasoned P. Eng. Associates, we scale quickly and efficiently to help our clients manage their internal workflow.

Our Team

Our people possess in-depth expertise in the areas where competition often relies on specialist sub-contractors, such as ground grid design. We work in close proximity with electrical engineers and designers, yielding plans, drawings and budgets that leave nothing to chance.

Propelling Power Sector Insights

As the power sector evolves, our mission is to identify the areas where integration of skills and disciplines can help our customers approach their challenges in new ways. We are unafraid of “grey areas” or problems lacking immediate answers – we live for active problem-solving – creating best practices rather than following existing ones.