Introducing the METSCO High-Voltage Testing Lab

Our experts are actively involved in the development of industry standards, with a strong emphasis on improving asset performance through advanced test diagnostics and proper certification. With METSCO’s new state-of-the-art high-voltage testing laboratory, we take that one step further with in-house capabilities to test, assess and give our customers the insight they need, fast.

What the Lab can do

METSCO’s high-voltage (HV) laboratory is designed to help manufacturers and end users with design, production, qualification and acceptance testing, and condition assessment and root cause failure/forensic analysis on electrical equipment, all within a rapid turnaround time. We perform these tests in accordance with popular industry standards such as IEEE, IEC, ANSI, CSA, UL, NEMA, ICEA, AEIC, and ASTM, among others. 

The wide range of services offered by our new HV laboratory includes:

Design/qualification tests for medium-voltage (MV) cable accessories and low-voltage (LV) cables

  • Including extruded and laminated dielectric shielded cable accessories (joints and terminations) rated from 2.5 kV to 44 kV, as a part of cable accessory design, pre-qualification or qualification.

Long-term testing of MV and LV cables

  • Including long-term insulation resistance (LTIR), accelerated water absorption, and long-term water stability tests.

Prototype and R&D testing

  • Custom testing programs and support for prototyping, R&D for customized or new equipment

Production testing of switchgear assemblies

  • To validate the dielectric strength, response to an impulse and the partial discharge voltage level of the test object.

Root cause failure analysis of cables, switchgear, transformers, and other equipment

  • Analysis for MV cables and accessories, as well as transformer paper and insulating tapes in PILC//HPFF/LPFF cables.

Voltage endurance testing of rotating machines

  • To verify the quality of form-wound bars and coils for use in large rotating machines.

HV live-line & safety tools testing

  • High quality in-lab and on-site live line tool & safety equipment testing services.

HV equipment testing training and laboratory workshops 

  • Basic and advanced HV training courses along with lab demonstrations for utility & OEM staff.

Get in touch and see how our team of experts can put your electrical equipment to the test at our new HV laboratory.

METSCO’s New High-Voltage Testing Laboratory

An in-house space to test, assess and give customers the insight they need

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