ENGIN Tool Suite

You’ve invested in data collection, process alignment and stakeholder engagement. You have the parts. You know the direction. Now get ENGIN and move ahead confidently.

The ENGIN Platform: The integration of METSCO’s complete services

ENGIN software suite propels organizations to the next frontier of asset management

  • ENGIN is grounded in Enginomics – an integration of engineering physics and economics to assess the value of capital investments from multiple perspectives.
  • ENGIN’s algorithms produce asset intervention strategies, work execution plans, and other actionable insights based on multiple types of available information.
  • ENGIN is the only investment prioritization and optimization tool that provides granular, asset-specific investment decisions – looking beyond categories, portfolios, or programs.
  • By integrating insights from asset inspections, financial studies, customer surveys, and actuarial assessments, ENGIN is more than an AM departmental solution – it is a core corporate strategy tool.
  • ENGIN’s secure cloud-based environment is designed to easily integrate with existing utility systems and applications.