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Our Core Values

METSCO was founded in 2006 with a goal of advancing energy asset management as an independent and multidimensional discipline with potential to reshape the sector’s long-term sustainability. We continue implementing our vision today, guided by six principles entrenched in our collective DNA.

Integrative Thinking

The core of METSCO’s DNA is our deep expertise in both engineering and economic analysis. Our work product reflects the integration of these two disciplines to offer multidisciplinary insights that compound the value of our advice.

Hard Facts First

Conducting projects of all types, we seek to leverage and expand upon the quantitative evidence, to maximize our clients’ confidence in our recommended solutions, reflective of relevant strategic and policy considerations.

Safety at All Costs

We spare no expenses to ensure that our associates engaged in fieldwork are trained and equipped with all necessary tools to stay safe on an around the job site, and ensure safety of those around them.

Complete Intellectual Honesty

We encourage our customers and associates to express constructive dissent in any context – be it while developing a project plan, discussing a model’s assumptions, or providing feedback on advice received.

Comfort Being Uncomfortable

We never assume to have the right answer at the outset of any project, and encourage our associates to avoid making foregone conclusions – to explore all available options – including those that may not be readily apparent.

Making a Lasting Impact

We challenge ourselves to deliver value that exceeds the immediate objectives set by the client. A question asked from a new perspective, or a model shared post-engagement position our clients for long-term success.

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