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METSCO’s New High-Voltage Testing Laboratory

An in-house space to test, assess and give customers the insight they need

August 30, 2021

The amount of cables, switchgear, bushings, and other electrical equipment that our customers are responsible for is almost unimaginable. That just one of these elements could fail and cause serious outages or catastrophic safety issues is even more so. 

That’s why we have introduced METSCO’s new high-voltage testing laboratory - a space where our team has the in-house capability to test and assess the equipment our customers need to work perfectly. 

Working in lockstep with our clients’ internal teams, we can now identify the equipment that requires thorough testing and run the necessary assessments that produce the in-depth insight our customers need to make important investment decisions. Our in-house HV laboratory can conduct these tests with a rapid turnaround time to ensure that you get those insights in a timely manner.

Designed by our team of industry veterans and passionate young minds, our laboratory  helps manufacturers and end users with everything from design, production, and qualification and acceptance testing, to condition assessment and root cause failure/forensic analysis on electrical equipment. All tests are performed in accordance with popular industry standards such as IEEE, IEC, ANSI, CSA, UL, NEMA, ICEA, AEIC, and ASTM, among others. 

Our laboratory, run by some of the brightest science and engineering minds in the industry, covers a wide array of testing services, so we’ve listed them below! 

Design/qualification tests for medium-voltage (MV) cable accessories and low-voltage (LV) cables

  • Including extruded and laminated dielectric shielded cable accessories (joints and terminations) rated from 2.5 kV to 44 kV, as a part of cable accessory design, pre-qualification or qualification.

Long-term testing of MV and LV cables

  • Including long-term insulation resistance (LTIR), accelerated water absorption, and long-term water stability tests.

Prototype and R&D testing

  • Custom testing programs and support for prototyping, R&D for customized or new equipment

Production testing of switchgear assemblies

  • To validate the dielectric strength, response to an impulse and the partial discharge voltage level of the test object.

Root cause failure analysis of cables, switchgear, transformers, and other equipment

  • Analysis for MV cables and accessories, as well as transformer paper and insulating tapes in PILC//HPFF/LPFF cables.

Voltage endurance testing of rotating machines

  • To verify the quality of form-wound bars and coils for use in large rotating machines.

HV live-line & safety tools testing

  • High quality in-lab and on-site live line tool & safety equipment testing services.

HV equipment testing training and laboratory workshops 

  • Basic and advanced HV training courses along with lab demonstrations for utility & OEM staff.

Get in touch to hear more about how we can put your electrical equipment to the test at METSCO’s new HV laboratory.